Miscellaneous Things You Might Want to Know about Elo Boosting

In the League of Legends MOBA, there are different ranks in the game. This includes Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand Master, and Challenger. Challenger is the highest and it goes all the way down to Iron being the lowest. Each tier is divided into four divisions done in Roman Numerals, like Iron I, Iron II, Iron III, and Iron IV, with I being the lowest and IV being the highest. When going about Elo boosting, you want to raise your tier by your performance in a ranked game, usually with the assistance of a superior player who knows how to make your low-tier account become high-tier. Ranked games can be solo or duo queue to really get your ranks up fast through a booster or experienced player or flex queues that are more casual and slower but the booster can breeze through them.


The Intent Behind Elo Boosts


  • Improving the Elo or MMR: Elo boosts, as the name suggests, is all about boosting your Elo or Matchmaking Ranking so that when you’re matched with someone, you can take on higher level opponents or easily cut through lower-level ones. Any ranked game played by someone who isn’t the original account maker is considered boosting, which means the account can be punished with a ban.


  • What’s a MOBA? A MOBA is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which is also known as ARTS or action real-time strategy. League of Legends belongs in a subgenre of strategy games like Diablo and Command & Conquer wherein a player controls a single character or champion against another team. It can be one player versus one player or multiple player teams versus another team depending on your type of match-up chosen, usually with the objective of destroying the main structure of the team to win.


  • Loads of Champions: While the champions in the game aren’t as numerous as the total number of Pokemon in the latest Pokemon games, they’re still quite numerous. There are 142 champions at the time of this writing, which means they’re at least more numerous than the initial amount of Pokemon when it first came out in the 1990s. They include characters such as Volibear, Miss Fortune, Draven, Yorick, Swain, Varus, Galio, and Morgana.